Haslihelmy determined to contest in Pelangai

Haslihelmy determined to contest in Pelangai

Haslihelmy determined to contest in Pelangai

KUANTAN – Pertubuhan Anak Suara Pahang (PSAP) president Haslihelmy DM Zulhasli is determined to contest as an independent candidate for the Pelangai state seat, Bentong in the by-election on Oct 7.

He said he had completed the application on Sept 16 and is waiting for the candidate nomination date on Saturday.

Haslihelmy said despite many stating he would lose, it would not affect him.

“I’m confident with the support in Pelangai since I started offering myself (to contest) and had many voters contacting and wanting to provide aid (for campaigning).

“At the same time, I (was) invited to discuss with several parties (unnamed) who opposed BN for the intention to be continued,” he said on Tuesday.


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Haslihelmy, who was a businessman born in Pelangai, said he believed voters would want a local to represent their voices in the state assembly.

“They gave the confidence that the involvement in the Pelangai by-election would prove that many young leaders should be given a chance to lead in the government as what they have proven,” he said.

Previously, former Umno Bentong Information Chief Haslihelmy became the first individual present to get the candidate application form at the Pahang Election Commission (EC) for the Pelangai by-election.

He was among the individuals who were active in carrying the voices of the youth in the state.

Haslihelmy had once offered himself to contest as Bentong Umno Youth chief on Feb 13.

The Pelangai by-election would be held following the death of its incumbent Datuk Seri Johari Harun.

On Aug 17, Johari was among 10 individuals who died in the tragic aircraft crash at the Guthrie Expressway near Bandar Elmina Shah Alam.

Johari in the 15th general election (GE15) won the seat with a majority of 4,048 votes defeating PN candidate Kasim Samat who garnered 3,260 votes, Ahmed Wafiuddin Shamsuri from Pakatan Harapan (2,031 votes) and Isa Ahmad from Pejuang (65 votes).

Haslihelmy determined to contest in Pelangai



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